Monday, 14 December 2009


Oh yes, it is that time of the year. Like it or not, it’s Christmas and it would be nice to spend it at home with your beloved persons and with homemade Christmas deli.
Leave the crowds wonder around in the packed city centres and super uber malls and indulge yourself in slow cooking and a glass of red wine. Instead of the usual gifts, why not opt for winter treats like fair-trade honey or homemade fairy cakes dressed up in a lovely box.
Make everything ready, check the cupboard, do the food shopping and enjoy yourself.
The following one is my suggestion for the Christmas dessert. It is not a traditional English pudding, but it has many pros: it is very quick, it is creamy tasty, you can make it the night before and it never lets you down. It has just a con: it is outrageously fattening.
But after all summer is still far away…