Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mirto Liqueur

Sunday evening, BBQ on the roofs of Shoreditch. Even though the weather was awful. Thanks to my intrepid friends. In this big city, in this multicultural mix that is London, I bring a taste of Italy in a bottle of Mirto.
A faithful friend of sleepless and sweaty nights spent under the moon of warm Sardinian summers. I can feel the warm breeze from the Mediterranean Sea, sit in the old town centre of Alghero, the voices of my Sardinian friends and the cool sweet taste of mirto liquor.
It is bizarre how everyone seems to know Limoncello and not this sweet aromatic counterpart from Sardinia. A sweet natural liqueur with digestive properties, made by macerating myrtle berries (myrtus communis), which grows generous and wild in the Sardinian island, with alcohol and sugar.