Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Another piece of Italy, told trough its tastes. A simple and hearthy salad with an intense flavour. Thanks to a special ingredient, Gorgonzola cheese. If you have never seen Gorgonzola, think of Blue cheese, they look pretty much the same. I personally love Gorgonzola because it is so versatile that can be used in countless recipes and at the same time I hate it because it is so good that I always end up eating too much of it.

Typically made in Northern Italy, Piedmont and Lombardy areas in particular, Gorgonzola definitely reminds me of home. A creamy cheese rich in tradition and with an antique flavour. A real taste of home.
I know that at the moment things are quite mess up down there, and I am saddened when, asked where I come from, people answer just with an “Ah” full of implications.
Sometimes I feel I should be there and do something, resist. But I am here, pursuing my dreams and my career. Italy has never been an easy country. It is so full of contradictions, beauty and misery that it is difficult even for me to understand it.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Here’s my favourite winter recipe: polenta and sausages or “pulenta e sausissa” as they say in my area. I am pretty sure you know polenta already, as it has become fairly popular even outside Italy. Essentially it is corn flour and water. Add cheese and sausages and it becomes one of the most delicious meals ever. It is a typical northern Italian winter recipe, but I love it so much that I can even eat it in August when outside it is 30°C! If you go skiing in the Alps you can’t miss it, if you are staying home you can try to make it yourself. Not to mention that it is a very cheap and filling meal for the whole family. Also children will love it.


Ricotta is a typical Italian dairy product, produced in different Italian areas, from North to South.
Literally it means "recooked", it is as white as snow and the taste quite sweet with a nubby texture makes it ideal in dessert preparation or with fruits like bananas or berries. I eat it with everything really, from chocolate to tomatoes or spinach or just on its own on bread. Generally fairly low in calories, you can eat it without any concern as it is light and healthy. It is cheap and very easy to find in England too. Check in your local Italian delicatessen, or in any supermarket. Even my local “Cost-cutter” has it.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


To go back to a normal and healthy diet after the Christmas revelries there is time. I will start my detox, for sure, but I need a week to chill out and realize that I am back to routine. So, an indulgent starter to make the return easier.
Relax, take your time, the New Year has just started!

(For 4 people)
12 Fresh King Prawns
2 egg yolks
A pint of oil
Lemon juice
A dash of Vodka


Back to London. Festivities are over. Holidays went so quick! Well, they always do, but even more this time. It was nice to see friends and family, my lovely hometown by the Alps and spending New Year’s Eve on the snow. I love them all, but I am happy to be back to the Big Smoke. So many opportunities to take and things to learn. I love London. Since I have been living here my perception of the world is changed: it is not as big as I use to consider it, but with so many friends spread around, it is like a village, a global village.