Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Childhood Food: Cotoletta alla Milanese e Fior di Fragola

Well, in a way it could be worse. Broken heating in January for example. For now, there is just something wrong with the hot water system. I think it may be something related to the pressure. The hot water doesn’t run if the radiators are not on and because it’s July, although in London, the heating system only gets on at 30C!
It’s bloody hot now in the flat, it looks like a hot Italian summer night. When you keep turning in the bed because it’s simply too hot, and that’s just an excuse not to sleep. From the open window someone is speaking loudly, but all inside is quiet, just the rest is noise.
Back in time, I used to spend summers with my grandparents when the schools were closed in this big house in a North West village near Turin, with 19th Century factories still up and running, in a period, late 80s, when there was abundance, people were carefree and didn’t care about global warming, gasoline’s price or mortgages.