Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Back to London. Festivities are over. Holidays went so quick! Well, they always do, but even more this time. It was nice to see friends and family, my lovely hometown by the Alps and spending New Year’s Eve on the snow. I love them all, but I am happy to be back to the Big Smoke. So many opportunities to take and things to learn. I love London. Since I have been living here my perception of the world is changed: it is not as big as I use to consider it, but with so many friends spread around, it is like a village, a global village.

So, let’s celebrate 2010 and the new decade with a real Jamaican drink recommended by my friend Myrtle, from Jamaica, just to warm up with good Caribbean rum while outside it’s snowing and snowing and does not seem to want to stop!

A packet of sorrel drink
Freshly grated ginger
White rum

Boil the water in a pan, then add the grated ginger and the packet of sorrel. Leave to cool overnight. When it is ready, strain add sugar and the white rum to taste.

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